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Pastoral Care

Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King is a lay order for women interested in prayer and service. A training period of 12 weeks is necessary before taking vows, but anyone interested in the order or any specific program is welcome to come to meetings whenever they wish. Chapter President, Sharon Jones can advise you.

Prayer Chain

Volunteers are placed on a branch of the chain and sent instructions for what to do. You'll receive calls and pass them on to others on the chain. Discretion is necessary. Prayer requests are confidential; we never discuss prayers with anyone. Please contact the office at 402- 291-7732 to join the prayer chain.

Lay Eucharist Visitors

You can be trained to carry the Eucharist from church to shut-ins. See Fr. Tom if you are interested. This is a wonderful way to serve those in our parish who are unable to come to the service.

Funeral Receptions

The pastoral care committee works with the priest when a parish or non-parish member passes. Once the family determines their wishes for the funeral, the pastoral care commissioner makes arrangements for refreshments after the funeral service.The ministry is responsible for calling volunteers to help with the reception with only a three or two day notice. The food is primarily food donated by church members, and is dependent on the time of the service and wishes of the family. The majority of the pastoral care budget is used for larger food items such as meat trays or additional food as needed.

Meals in Time of Need

The pastoral care ministry prepares and delivers healthy meals to parishioners during times of special needs, such as recovering from an illness, surgery, or financial need. Once notified of a need from the priest, the pastoral care commissioner is able to determine the meal requirements and deliver the meal. This is also a volunteer ministry, where parishioners will cook a meal and keep it in their freezer until a need arises. This is a rewarding ministry for those of us who enjoy cooking and enjoy sharing their gift.

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