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Who We Are

As a member church of the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, and therefore a member of the wider Anglican Communion, our principal worship services are guided by the Book of Common Prayer, whose roots go back to 1549. While some services are led by ordained ministers, our services are participatory in nature, and many can be led by members of the parish.

At CHS, worship helps us to focus our attention on our relationship with God through Christ and with one another. During worship we give thanks, offer praise, and seek God's help in overcoming worldly pressures that seek to destroy the unity God desires us to know. During our principle services we celebrate the Eucharist (a sharing of bread and wine that reminds us of the grace God so freely offers and God's ongoing commitment to God's people).

While the style of our worship might seem formal to those new to the Book of Common Prayer, its flow is simple. We journey from where we begin (standing to give praise, sitting to learn, and either kneeling, sitting, or standing to pray) to the altar where our faith tells us we encounter the risen Christ. As our worship is participatory, we typically praise God through song and offer most prayers together as a body. At services where Eucharist (Holy Communion) is offered, all are invited to receive the bread only, wine only, or both, or to come forward for a blessing.

As mentioned, we begin our journey from where we are. At CHS, we believe there are no prerequisites for knowing God's grace beyond the willingness and desire to do so. This means we come together not only from where we are, but as we are, and as who we are. Worship offers unity in the midst of diversity reminding us that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

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