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Welcome to our 2021 Lent Program Page

This year's offering will examine how our ability to know and offer forgiveness can be life changing. Over six sessions, using the Deeper Connections' "The Forgiveness of Jesus" study materials, we will strive to understand more fully how the forgiveness Jesus brought into the world can help us to mend our relationships with God and one another. 

Each week, meeting by Zoom (a link is provided below) we will look at a different story in which Jesus guides his disciples towards a deeper awareness of what forgiveness looks like, what it entails, and the difference it makes in the lives of those who know it in body, mind, and spirit.

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am by clicking here. Our scheduled time together will last only one-hour.

Week 1 (Sunday 21 Feb): The Forgiving Father - Study Worksheet

Week 2 (Sunday 28 Feb): Two aspects of Healing - Study Worksheet

Week 3 (Sunday, 7 Mar): Spiritual Sight - Study Worksheet

Week 4 (Sunday 14 Mar): Hope for Sinners - Study Worksheet

Week 5 (Sunday 21 Mar): A Second Chance - Study Worksheet


Week 6 (Sunday 28 Mar): Released to Forgive - Study Worksheet

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